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Raised in the richest nation in the world; I (as most americans) have been so accustomed to my way of life and even (most of the time taken it for granted.

Most of us have been told by our parents to, "eat everything on your plate. There are starving people in India who would love to have that vegetable that you are turning your nose up at." What most of us had not heard was there are vast poputations in India and other countries that live off of less than 400.00 a year income that live in huts made out of leaves and go hungry many days at a time.

These people do not have access to clean water much less a telephone or tv.

These people do not have access to a nice air conditioned church much less the very word of God.

The thing that inspired me to start this website was through ordering a free book off of one of those freebie sites; I aquired a book that will forever change my life. You can also get this book (free of charge), a this link.  The name of the book is Revolution In World Missions. The author of this book is a man from India named K.P. Yohannan. He gives great insight of what missionary work and life is like in third world countries and how really truly blessed we are to be living in a nation that is blessed with so much wealth. In America we are offered equal oportunity (not to be confused with equal outcome) but, the poor in this country most of the time are better off than the poor in some 3rd world countries.

I dedicate this website to God in trying to make an access for people to be able to help the less fortunate.










This is an awareness site; making an attempt to direct people to where to go to help others. I do not accept any type of donations.