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(I do not know the full name of the person who authored this it is part of a project for a seminar class (a blog) This part was posted by Emma)

Poverty is not just for the 3rd world countries anymore. Poverty is everywhere. No one is immune. The main thing is to get out the facts about poverty in the US and poverty in MN. Monday, May 11, 2009 What are the root causes of poverty? The root causes of poverty are basically the fact that many are already in poverty, the poor economy, dollar's value is decreasing, and the fact many are working poor. Poverty can not only be bad for business but that eventually leads to more people in the poverty situation. If this idea does not make sense, please comment so and/or read the previous bloggings. The bad economy is just making the poverty deal worse by making more in poverty and making the ones in poverty worse off. If the whole world goes down so does the impoverish. Also, the dollar's value is horrible as per usual for the bad economy. This is making everything skyrocket in prices. Making food less affordable, making rent less affordable, making living less affordable, stopping people's ability to live comfortably and getting them on the streets. Working poor is interconnected with the dollar's value. Working poor means to still work but not be able to pay the amount for the normal cost of living, even if you have multiple jobs. The dollar's value is dropping up the amount of pay is not raising to meet the standards so people then become working poor.